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1st Choice Properties Acceptance Policy

  1. We do business in accordance with the Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. 1st Choice Properties is an equal opportunity housing provider.
  2. All residents are required to have an active renter’s insurance policy.
  3. If pets are allowed, a non-refundable pet deposit will be charged per approved pet, and the tenants must carry rental insurance, covering any pet damage. The fee is $400 for the first pet and $250 for each additional pet – up to three total per home.
  4. We allow no more than two people per bedroom with maximum capacity restrictions. Please contact our office for additional details.
  5. All prospective tenants that are age 18 and over must complete a rental application. Incomplete or illegible applications will be rejected. If there is a co-applicant, they will need to complete an application as well, and all requirements will also apply.
  6. Our screening process includes:
    1. Verifying information provided on the rental application.
    2. Contacting present and previous landlords for rental history and verifying the condition of current residence.
    3. Financial institution verifications.
    4. Obtaining credit reports from one or more credit agencies with a minimum credit score of 575 for ALL applicants.
    5. Reviewing public records, including court records and the Unlawful Detainer Registry, Criminal Database, Sex Offender Database, and Terrorist Database.
  7. We accept the first applicants who meet our minimum requirements and pay a holding deposit equal to one month’s rent along with an administrative fee after they have been notified that their application has been fully approved.
    The applicants meet our minimum requirements if they:
    1. Earn a net monthly income equal to or greater than 3 times the monthly rent.
    2. Have one year of verifiable income.
    3. Have never been evicted.
    4. Have one year of verifiable, favorable rental history.
    5. Are able to pay required rent, deposit, and administrative fee.
    6. Present valid picture ID and proof of Social Security number.
    7. Present proof of adequate income, such as check stubs or bank statements. Self-employed applicants must also provide audited tax returns and profit and loss statements.
    8. Have 2 open and current credit tradelines with 6 months of acceptable credit history and no bankruptcies in the last 7 years.
    9. Have no criminal history.
    10. Have no open mortgages.
    11. Provide additional information requested as deemed necessary.
  8. Once a deposit is received from an applicant, they have 2 weeks from that date to pay the first month’s rent and any other applicable fees and sign their lease. Failure to do so may forfeit the deposit paid.
  9. The applicants may be denied residence for incomplete or false information submitted on their rental application, or for failure to meet our minimum requirements.
  10. If the property is part of an HOA, the CC&R’s, Rules and Regulations and their Bylaws will prevail, and the tenant must comply with the above.
  11. We do not permit water filled furniture on the second floor of the structures built before 1978. For any other water filled furniture or fish tanks, the residents must carry rental insurance specifying the item is covered.
  12. Application fees are non-refundable

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